Group Show: The Big Scare at CC, curated by Guilherme Teixeira

untitled, chain necklace, bracelets, seed and IKEA hanger, dimensions variable, 2019.

Lomtalanítás series, Budapest, 2019.

Lomtalanítás is an event which happens twice per year in every district of Budapest.
During few hours residents put their useless stuff on the streets.

Ropi Column, found objects (wicker) 

Space Race, found objects (plastic)

Reclining Puli, found objects (iron and fabric)

Blues, found object (plastic and fabric)

Greek Melon (görögdinnye), found objects (plastic and weighing scale)

Borderless, group show at Latarka - Polish Institute in Budapest, 2018.

Night and Day, wall installation, dimensions variable, 2018.

untitled (Tolos series), 2017

site specific work for Frestas Triennial SESC
curated by Daniela Labra

untitled (Tolos series), 2017

site specific work for Inner Garden project
curated by Sarvari Zita and Áron Fenyvesi.

Budapest _ part 2

image credits: Sári Ember