NYC _ part 1

image credits Sári Ember

"Bad Hombres" - 2016

graphite and colored pencil on paper.
from the statues of The Metropolitan Museum - NYC.
drawings shown at the exhibition Traço in São Paulo organized by Raquel Uendi.

trabalhos | works _ Everyday Alchemy - Von Bartha, Basel

untitled (propaganda), 2016 
seven paintings with acrylic and raw cotton

trabalhos | works _ Caso o Acaso - Central Galeria, São Paulo

credits: Everton Ballardin

credits: Everton Ballardin

from the Surfaces series, 2014-2015.

linguagem (language) - 2015

offset printing on paper mounted on wood, diptych 42 x 59 cm (each)
specific work for Empresa Colonial

photo credit: Gui Gomes

surfaces_BP - 2016

cement and iron oxide on plywood.

from the Budapest series.

for a while - 2016

installation with grid and 5 paintings (canvas, acrilic wall paint, iron oxide pigment, pastel).